Design 2

Design 2


This design uses a simple and elegant in appearance, it looks great with black and white constrasting colours. Best of all this design is FREE! We only charge for the server costs,  SEO services and Tech Support.



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Remember all fonts, images, shapes, layouts and text are customisable. This template is just to give you an idea of how your site can look.



  • Payment Mandate

    We charge a monthly fee for all websites. This covers the cost for the following:


    • Website Design
    • Web Hosting Server
    • Email Accounts x3
    • Search Engine Optimazation
    • Domain Registration
    • Technical Support



    Subsciption Options Available:


    Month(s) Standard Rate Discount Rate Savings
    One Month £67.99    
    Three Months £203.97 £173.97 -£30.00
    SIx Months £407.94 £310.94 -£97.00
    12 Months £815.88 £615.88 -£200.00
    24 Months £1631.76 £1281.76 -£350.00



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