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Design 5

Design 5


This new design is great, this template uses video grounds and parralex visuals which are currently found in state of the art websites. Its responsive and easy to navigate making it user friendly. Choose this template to set your website appart from the rest. 

  • Web Hosting

    Includes 1 Year FREE Hosting!


    Once we have finished building your website, you will recieve a confirmation email from Blueprint Illustrated stating we have completed the design of your website.. 365 days from that email there will be an annual renewal fee of £189.99 if you wish to keep the designed website live. 

  • Preview

    Click here to Preview this Template


    Remember all fonts, images, shapes, layouts and text are customisable. This template is just to give you an idea of how your site can look.

  • Optional Extras

    Do you require a professional email account for your business or the ability to post any job vacancies directly on your website? We have a range of additional options that are ideal for recruitment agencies.


    Check out the plans we have available here: 


    Plans & Subscriptions

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